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Automobile Spare Parts
We provide only the best Automobile Spare Parts. We are your one-stop shop if you are searching online for auto accessories. We make sure you get the original, highest-quality replacement components. In order to provide the best spare parts to our end users, all the spare parts are tested.
Spring Washer

These washers are an example of the curved washer type. Spring washers allow for a faster load to be dispersed, yet they are also advantageous in instances when vibration is necessary. They offer an axial load to anchor the fastener to the object.


With the help of the included circlips, you may attach objects to a shaft, a housing, or a bore by sliding them into a corresponding groove. Once they are secured, the exposed portion serves as a shoulder for holding the specific element or installation.

Grooved Pin

High shear strength and outstanding noise, strain, and wear resistance are both characteristics of these grooved pins.  These pins are held in place under elastic strain for usage when centre locking is required, which prevents movement under difficult circumstances.

Grooved Ring
A "grooved ring" is a term that by and large alludes to a ring-formed object with at least one sections or channels on its surface. Grooves are spaces or patterns that can fill different needs, for example, giving a space to seals, O-rings, or different parts to squeeze into, further developing hold, or improving style. Grooved rings can be tracked down in different applications, including mechanical, modern, car, and even adornments.
Spring Compressor

Shock absorbers, struts, and springs may all be fixed or replaced with these Spring Compressors. These compressors are excellent for usage underneath wheel arches when there is a lack of space. Both of these help spread out a fastener's burden.

 Spring Dowel Pin

High carbon spring steel is used to create spring dowel pins, which are slotted pins. Additionally, stainless steel may be used to make them. These pins are precisely manufactured with a diameter that is larger than the drilled hole into which they are pushed.

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